Educational Leadership at CSULB

Educational Leadership at CSULB is a Teaching and Learning Commons – a community of faculty and students committed to collaboration around central issues in educational leadership and reform. It is a forum for exchange of ideas and evidence-based best practices, discussing policy issues, and exploring central research questions.

The Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership at CSULB is designed to prepare candidates with the advanced knowledge and skills to lead effective reform efforts in California’s pre-kindergarten through 12th grade schools. It is a program designed specifically for working professionals in the field of education.

The Ed.D,. at CSULB It is a degree program in which theory and research are applied to practice-based study of educational problems. The Commons supports the interaction of all members of the doctoral program community – faculty, students, and the many P-12 educators from the San Bernardino and surrounding region who contribute significantly to the program.



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The Ed.D. – the education doctorate – and ways of designing high quality doctoral programs that provide research-based professional preparation for the nation’s educational leaders -- has received significant attention nationally. News relevant to Ed.D. programs and the issues they address is found here.