Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate (CPED)

Actions for CSU CPED Convening on January 29-30, 2008

Review the CPED background and guidelines for the CSU Campus participation

  1. Formal Description of CPED. Provides the overall project background, written about the project on a national level. Our CSU implementation will be slightly different in the details, but the same general idea.
  2. The CPED "Commitment to Engage" which outlines the basic commitments to participate as a partner in the CPED work, on the national level.
  3. The "Reclaiming Education's Doctorates" powerpoint. Especially relevant to the CSU work is the "Impact" slide, near the end.
  4. "Preparing Stewards of the Discipline" by Chris Golde.

Campus Teams complete PreWork for CSU CPED

  1. Prepare brief responses to CSU CPED January Prework Assignment
  2. Review national CPED documents in preparing January PreWork Assignment:
    1. Signature Pedagogy Article by Chris Golde
    2. Signature Pedagogy Notes from National CPED discussions
    3. Assessment Article by Shulman

Additional Readings for CSU CPED Convening on January 29-30, 2008

  1. Shulman, L.S., Golde, C.M., Bueschel, A.C., & Garabedian, K.J. (2006). Reclaiming education’s doctorates: A critique and a proposal. Educational Researcher, 35(3), 25-32.
  2. Comments on Shulman, Golde, Bueschel, and Garabedian: Evans, R. (2007). Existing practice is not the template. Educational Researcher, 36, 553-559.
  3. Response to Comments: Shulman, L.S. (2007). Practical wisdom in the service of professional practice. Educational Researcher, 36, 560-563.

Notes of CSU CPED Convening on January 29-30, 2008

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Campus Responses to
CPED January Pre-Work:

Signature Pedagogies and Assessment

Participating campuses are examining a number of fundamental issues related to signature pedagogies and candidate assessment. These issues are discussed on the CSU CPED Community of Practice web site.